Monday, September 19, 2016

Emergent Game Interfaces: Day One

Right, so for this course we are a 4 man team. Myself, Brecht, Philip and Arthur. Today we had an introduction and started discussing ideas for what we would be making.

Personally the most interesting were a game where player's phones would act as battleships in a game, and a game where people would walk around and listen to audio, trying to find a 'place' that matches a certain description.

Here's a list of all the ideas, in case you were curious:
  1. Digitised Ball Maze.
  2. Diving Experience
  3. Phone battleships 
  4. Lazetag
  5. Makey makey, make an environment using sounds (+ crazy lightling?). VR make environment out of sounds.
  6. Walk around and find soundscapes, emotion.
  7. Drawing by walking around, collaborative drawing by placing dots.
  8. Awkward makey makey touching.

I'll be discussing some ideas in later posts, as the research continues.